Drives for agricultural technology

Modern farmers make very high demands to agricultural technology products such as milk shuttles, feeding carriers or floor scrapers. As branch experts, we know the essential requirements.

Calves milk shuttle

Feeding the calves is now easier and faster with the useful milk shuttle.

Every morning and evening, larger quantities of milk have to be supplied to the calves in barns or in individual pens or igloos. The carrier with differential drive allows the user to spare power and strength - saving a considerable amount of time, which is extremely important during feeding time. The most important requirements are easy maneuverability, best traction, robustness and reliability even when the ground is slushy and when driving on ice and snow.

AMT convinces users with the powerful differential drive and excellent advice and has thus become the most important supplier for drive solution in this market.

Feeding carriers

Electrically powered feeding carriers which facilitate food transportation from the silo to the stable are indispensable to professional horse owners, breeders and farmers. Driving with the feeding carrier which is equipped with the AMT differential drive is pure pleasure, even with a full load  on uneven terrain and slopes.

Slatted floor scrapers

Healthy hooves of cows are a result of a good barn hygiene with a clean and dry floor. Cleaning the slatted floor used to be time-consuming manual labour. Mobile floor scrapers operating with the AMT differential drives bring considerable maintenance savings in time and money. They are low-noise and energy-efficient. With the differential drives, they are agile and easy to maneuver even in narrow spaces.

These are just a few examples, as there are hardly any limits to the possible applications of AMT drive solutions. Contact us - we will be pleased to implement your specific drive solution.