Disc motor drives

With their very flat design and high power density, these drives offer the maximum use of installation space.

The drives consist of a powerful pancake motor or disc motor combined with a spur gear set and are ideal for integration in stair lifts or stair climbers.

We offer the solution that meets your needs: our disc motors are available as complete drives with gear, motor and brake or as single motor with or without brake.

Technical data:

  • Low gear backlash of < 0,5°
  • Output speed from 20 – 120 rpm (revolutions/minute)
  • Very low noise level (less than 55db at idling speed)
  • Rated power from 150 - 250 Watt
  • Various output shaft diameters
  • Motor speed up to 3000 - 6000 rpm (revolutions/minute)
  • Operating voltage 24 V DC
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Holding brakes
    • with manual release by lever or rope
    • 12V or 24V
    • braking torque 3Nm
    • braking torques on the output shaft from 120Nm to 535Nm
  • Other voltages and speeds are available on request
  • Optional with encoder
  • Other options available

Disc motor drives-
space-saving in


Stair Climber

Disc motor drives–
powerful in

stair climbers