Drives for scooters

We provide more freedom of movement and thus a better quality of life to your customers. Many years of practical experience taught us the demands of the market and we are aware of the decisive requirements. With all this expertise we also would like to realize the best drive solution for your needs.


Standard scooters

Scooters provide more freedom of movement to your customers. Quality, reliability and an absolute smooth running of the drive are essential – these factors give your customers the certainty to be on the road with a top product.


Heavy Duty

Heavy duty scooters require speed (up to 30 km/h) and extreme mobility over the roughest of terrain. While the user enjoys pure fun, the scooter's drive has to do a hard work. AMT's differential drives are in an excellent shape to meet this challenge.



Drives made by AMT also move people while playing golf. More clearly defined, it is the differential drive that moves the scooter around the playing greens. Due to the extremely high efficiency of these drives, the battery life doesn't give up on hole 18. Play another round!