Drives for wheelchairs

Your customers are not a standard – with different applications and individual needs they demand unique, customer-fit wheelchairs.

Our aim is to implement with you the optimum drive solution for each wheelchair - whether standardized solution or customized drive. We contribute to the development process with our profound knowledge of the wheelchair sector, advise about standards and give you new impulses.

As varied as the requirements in the field of wheelchairs and their "heart" - the drive solution, we never lose sight of the main issue: highest product quality. So that you can provide your customers a durable, robust and reliable wheelchair.

Wheelchairs for indoors use

The main priority for wheelchairs used indoors is agility and quiet operation. Both of these prerequisites are best met using  AMT drive solutions.

Universal wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use

A wheelchair designed for use both indoors and outside demands a lot from its drive. It has to be both quiet and agile as well as being equally strong and durable. AMT's drives have fulfilled these requirements a million times again and again.

Wheelchairs for use outdoors

A wheelchair used for long distances outdoors and capable of travelling smoothly over uneven terrain places a great strain on its drive system.

The customized solution "differential gear and servo drive" was expressly developed by AMT for this purpose and holds up effortlessly against the stress test. It also guarantees an optimal wheelchair track alignment.